L.A. Lawmakers Pledge 222 Units for Homeless Residents in Each District

The Los Angeles City Council pledged Tuesday to support a minimum number of housing units for homeless people in each of the districts they represent.

Under the pledge, each council member will back the approval of at least 222 units of supportive housing in his or her district before July 1, 2020, including any units approved since last July.

The City Council resolution is not binding, but lawmakers said it is important that they publicly make a shared commitment to build homeless housing across the sprawling city.

LA Family Housing President and Chief Executive Stephanie Klasky-Gamer, whose group provides housing and homeless services, said "political will" can be one of the key obstacles to building supportive housing.

"Your vote is a public statement that you are committed to being part of the solution," Klasky-Gamer told the council.

More than a year ago, Los Angeles voters overwhelmingly approved a $1.2-billion bond to fund new housing with supportive services.

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