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Feminine Plural Of Cīvicus, 
Pertaining To Citizens, City.

Civicas is a Global network of Local women leaders of all ages
aligning missions, Investing resources and enhancing civic life

 Please Join us!

  • Connect with women leaders to amplify your impact at the civic scale!
  • Network by attending and participating in "Rooms Where it Happens" forums, salons, and special interest groups. 
  • Collaborate on projects and programs with our Membership Directory.
  • Connect with curated civic organizations to align Resources.
  • Invest in community through civic-scale opportunities @ Civicas4LA.
  • Keep up to date with a curated calendar of Civic Events.
  • Keep current and informed with curated Civic News and Topic Storyboards.
  • Catalyze conversations with our monthly Civicas Review
  • Submit posts/events for publication consideration on our community calendar and daily news updates at

cultivate & sustain healthy, beautiful common ground by investing in community.