What it Looks Like When Students Across the Country Walk Out Over Gun Violence

Students across the country walked out of their classrooms Wednesday, as they called for safer schools and stronger gun-control legislation following last month’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

The Washington Post wrote that the demonstrations were “unprecedented in recent American history.” The story continued:

Supporters say the protests represent a realization of power and influence by young people raised on social media who have come of age in an era of never-ending wars, highly publicized mass shootings and virulent national politics.

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Pictures posted to Twitter showed students standing together and holding signs. At one school, they sang together. Video from another Twitter user showed students filing out quietly, holding signs. The Wilson Beacon, the student newspaper for Wilson High School in the District, posted pictures to Twitter of the school’s student walkout, showing a large crowd that had gathered.

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