Thousands march in L.A. for impeachment of President Trump; his supporters hold their own rally

Several thousand protesters marched through downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, waving signs and chanting, “Down, down, down with Trump — up, up, up with the people” as they urged Congress to impeach the president.

The peaceful demonstration was one of dozens of events held across the country Sunday, aimed at voicing displeasure with Trump and his White House.

The Los Angeles march began at Pershing Square. John Meranda, 56, of Long Beach brandished a sign showing Trump's face on the body of a baby, with the word “impeach” spelled out in wooden blocks.

“Every day when I wake up, something is more terrible than it was yesterday,” Meranda said.

In the last week, he said, he’s been unsettled by Republican proposals to cut billions of dollars from the Medicaid program; some of his friends, he said, “are kept alive by it.”

His friend Angela Greene of San Pedro held a hot pink sign that read, “We need a leader, not a creepy tweeter.”

Further north on Broadway, Allen Levinson, 55, of Redondo Beach and two friends hoisted a plastic frame supporting a wide banner that read “Illegitimate Corrupt Puppet.”

“It cuts to the heart of his personal insecurities and fears,” said Levinson, describing Trump as an “aspiring despot.” And, he said wryly, “we wanted something G-rated.”

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