It's the end of an era: Channel 18 cancels international format that served generations of L.A. immigrants

Night after night, Paul Ho sat in the same chair, with his head resting on the same pillow as he tuned in to the Chinese-language newscast on Channel 18.

The East Los Angeles resident called the KSCI show, with anchors Harry Chang and Christine Chiang, “my dessert” after a meal.

“I watched them to understand Asia and America, and the commercials can show me where to eat or buy insurance,” the 63-year-old former accounting clerk said. “They are part of our family.”

For more than 30 years, Channel 18 served as a TV United Nations in a city of immigrants desperate for programming in their own languages. The station broadcast an eclectic mix of shows that covered news and topics such as music, sports, travel and religion.

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