Kids shouldn't have all the fun. Here are 8 summer camps for adults. Ready to stomp some grapes?

Maybe you went to sleep-away camp as a child. Perhaps you’re anticipating a similar experience for your own kids. At the very least, we assume you’re familiar with the concept thanks to movies such as “The Parent Trap,” “Wet Hot American Summer,” “Moonrise Kingdom” or the mother of all camp fantasies: “Meatballs.”

Summer camp for kids is permanently enshrined in the culture.

Now a growing number of adults want in on that experience. Pinterest, which has been looking into travel trends for 2017, reports a 43% increase in interest in adult summer camps, based on searches and pins — and the offerings continue to multiply.

If you yearn for a grown-up getaway but hope to stay relatively close to home, here are a few options:

Arts, writing and dance

The Idyllwild Arts Academy, in the San Jacinto Mountains about 2½ hours east of Los Angeles, is a place to indulge your inner artist — or, perhaps, encounter it for the first time.

Students can sign up for workshops in a variety of activities, among them, sculpture, Native American arts, writing and dance. (We’ve got our eye on “Narrative Figure Painting” with Rebecca Campbell, offered June 26-30.) Tuition, which typically covers lab fees and materials, ranges from about $185 to $1,200.

Students can stay in on-campus dormitories (two-person rooms are $545 per week per person and $335 per person for three days.) Off-campus housing is also available.

Information: (951) 468-7265,

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Chris Alexakiscareer