IOC committee will likely endorse both Los Angeles and Paris as host cities

New York struck out chasing the 2012 Olympics. Chicago failed in its quest to host the 2016 Games. Organizers with the bid committee in Los Angeles met with their big-city predecessors, studied their mistakes and created a bid that they think doubles as a cost-efficient blueprint of sorts. On Friday, LA 2024 officials hope to receive word that the Olympics will return to American soil after a prolonged absence, though they’ll likely have to wait several weeks to find out precisely when.

Members of the International Olympic Committee’s executive board are scheduled to meet Friday in Lausanne, Switzerland, to discuss options for both the 2024 and ’28 Games. Both Paris and Los Angeles are vying to host the 2024 Olympics, though many expect the IOC board to award both cities hosting duties, even though the ’28 bidding process hasn’t formally opened.

At its meeting Friday, the executive board could vote on a dual award and lay out the process to select which city hosts in 2024 and which has to wait four more years. 

Paris officials have been insistent in their preference for the 2024 Games, whereas representatives with LA 2024 have softened their stance and increasingly appear to be open to hosting either. On Wednesday, LA 2024 chair Casey Wasserman issued a statement, saying “LA 2024 has never been only about L.A. or 2024.”

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