Los Angeles hits a milestone: 4 million people and counting

Los Angeles gained 42,470 people from 2016 to 2017.

That might not seem like a lot, but it was enough to push the city’s population over the 4-million mark — to 4,041,707, according to a new state report.

The milestone isn’t much of a surprise, given that other studies already put the city’s population at 4 million. But it’s a mark that underscores Los Angeles’ place as the dominant population center in California.

The rest of the Top 10:

  • San Diego: 1,406,318
  • San Jose: 1,046,079
  • San Francisco: 874,228
  • Fresno: 525,832
  • Sacramento: 493,025
  • Long Beach: 480,173
  • Oakland: 426,074
  • Bakersfield: 383,512
  • Anaheim: 358,546

Here’s a look at L.A.’s path to 4 million people:


Population: 1.9 million

California was in the midst of post-World War II suburbanization. Much of the city was developed before the war, but the 1950s saw vast housing tracts going up in the San Fernando Valley.

Milestones: Los Angeles came out of World War II poised to become an economic powerhouse, thanks in part to defense spending.

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Chris AlexakisL.A.