How the Art World Took to the Streets for International Women’s Day

Perhaps because it originated in Soviet Russia as part of the socialist movement, International Women’s Day has not historically been widely celebrated in the US. That all changed this year in the aftermath of the election of President Donald Trump.

The organizers of the Women’s March, which saw millions gather in 600 cities around the world to protest the new administration, declared March 8 “A Day Without a Woman.” The worldwide day of action asked women to stay home from work for the day, not make any purchases, and to wear red in solidarity with the cause.

In general, the actions around the Day Without a Women were, predictably, concentrated in fields with high degrees of female workers, like education and culture. Many in the art world used the moment to make a statement, with ARTnews reporting that New York dealers Metro Pictures, Koenig & Clinton, and A.I.R. Gallery shut down as part of the strike. Complex magazine, a New York-based fashion and arts and culture publication, ceased publication for the day, save to cover the strike and women’s issues.

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Chris Alexakis