Beloved Icon of Women’s March, Enters the V&A’s Permanent Collection

A simple fashion accessory became a powerful symbol on January 21, as women around the globe gathered en masse to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump for the Women’s March. Many were wearing pink pussyhats, with little cat ears, a sartorial reference to the former reality star’s infamous hot mic remarks about how his fame allowed him to get away with groping women.

Just in time for International Women’s Day, which sees women around the world striking from work as a followup to the march for A Day Without a Woman, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London has announced the acquisition of one of those thousands of handmade pink hats, the BBC reports.

The pussyhat became “an immediately recognizable expression of female solidarity and symbol of the power of collective action,” said museum curator Corinna Gardner in a statement, calling it “an important acquisition.”

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Chris Alexakis