‘Women are the backbone of this country’

Women across the nation took Wednesday off, refrained from shopping, dressed in red and attended rallies to bring attention to their economic clout and the discrimination they face in the workplace and beyond.

Dubbed “A Day Without A Woman,” it was a second act by the organizers of the massive “Women’s March” in Washington and around the globe the day after President Trump was inaugurated.

The impact was hard to gauge. A number of schools and businesses closed for the day or gave female employees the day off. But the crowds who turned out in Washington, New York, Los Angeles and many other places were tiny compared with the millions who flooded the streets on Jan. 21.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, flanked by other Democratic congresswomen and Hill staff members, addressed a group of cheering supporters from the steps of the Capitol. Many carried signs reading “Women’s rights are human rights” and “Equal pay for equal work.”

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Chris Alexakis