WELCOME to Civicas! 

Support and Participate in the 2019 Civicas Impact Fellowship Program!

A One Year Pilot Project within the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office Innovation Team

More details coming in January…

Thank you for joining our women's leadership community and supporting this civic education & resource network!

As a Civicas member you're invited to participate in Civicas Salons, and members-only Civicas LinkedIn and Slack Groups! 

Civicas Salons are curated conversations with civic leaders hosted by Civicas members for Civicas members. As a member you have priority access with discounted rates. 

In order to stay connected in between events and have ongoing open conversations about how we can catalyze civic actions together, we can connect with each other in our members's-only Civicas LinkedIn Group and member's-only Civicas Slack group

Slack is a virtual workspace ecosystem where we can converse about potential projects related to shared missions, interests, expertise and resources. Current Civicas Slack groups focus on issues related to: Education, Events, Housing, Neighborhood, Voting, and Water & Environment.

Please click on this link to Slack where you can create your slack username and gain access to the Civicas conversation! You’ll even be able to download the app on your phone and stay connected on the go. Upon joining, please head to the #introductions channel within slack and introduce yourself by stating your name, followed by sharing your ask and offer. What’s an ask and offer? It's simple, your ask is the way that the Civicas community can support you, and your offer is how you can support the Civicas community.

Our community consists of incredibly dynamic female leaders with the desire to align missions, invest resources, and have more impact at the civic scale. Together we can fill in some of the gaps in our societies left uncovered by existing institutions. It's very exciting to develope this central place where we can connect and support each other. 

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm, and I look forward to all of the things we'll be able to accomplish as we come together for a higher purpose.

Now please be sure to fill out the MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY form!!

THANK YOU for participating!
Cynthia and the Civicas community

Civicas is a project of Unycyn Civic Arts, a 501c3 devoted to the "art of being civic". Please email us at civicas4la@gmail.com if you would like to receive a tax deduction letter for your contribution.