Coming in 2018: Civic solutions addressing LA's resiliency challenges

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Civicas4LA will convene Civicas members and their networks to address some of the resiliency and other civic scale issues facing LA. 

Topics will include issues identified with the Mayor's office, LA2050 grant competition, and current events:  

Civica's Spring Forum on March 8, 2018, International Women's Day showcased global actions and local networks. Our "Room Where It Happens" panel included LA's Chief Resiliency Officer (part of the 100 Resilient Cities organization connecting LA with cities and resources around the world though the Rockefeller Foundation), LA's Chief Sustainability Officer, (connected to other cities around the country and world as part of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group), and our Chief Innovation Officer (sponsored by Bloomberg Philanthropies Innovation Teams Initiative). We are currently putting together a partnership with these women leaders, representing innovative public private partnership networks, to address some of these civic issues they've identified by networking our networks and resources at the highest levels. As LA women leaders, we can showcase projects and methodologies that will both improve our city and serve as models for women and leaders in communities around the world.

Potential future program: Developing and communicating a "civic currency" program allowing the community to invest in solutions for civic scale issues:

Financial and legal iterations of the decentralized networking Blockchain technology are defined by binary, encrypted "solutions" excluding third parties. A civic interpretation of decentralized networks of people incentivized to solve social problems could include people working and being rewarded in a more organic, flexible, multi- pronged way. 

In one scenario, teams comprised of at least 2 women from different generations, plus an artist, might connect based on interests and expertise to visualize potential solutions for current civic issues in Los Angeles.  "Civic tokens" would be awarded by expert juries as well as with crowd-sourced selections, creating social and virtual capital that can be used to actualize solutions, aligning the missions of philanthropic, professional and public groups to amplify resources.

"Affordable Housing" is one example of a common ground civic topic related to facilities LA may develop for the Olympics in 2024 or 2028, especially along the LA River, in ways that are more than just "affordable" and more than just "housing".  Answering the questions "what, when, where, who?" would include issues of access to transportation and open space, community, culture, economics, environment, governance, justice, public health, social equity, etc. 

Water is another huge global, common ground topic we'll be addressing with H2O+, an initiative to support water projects and programs. Cynthia Hirschhorn will also focus on this @

Programmed events ("A Room Where it Happens") can catalyze networking related to these issues. Participants can work in groups to develop "solutions" share online with connections facilitated to help activate the best and most resilient ideas. can serve as a resource guide for addressing these issues as well as a connecting place for building and showcasing teams and solutions. Please contact us at for more information and sign up to participate!