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BE CIVIC: Support Healthy and Beautiful Common Ground! 

civicas: feminine plural of cīvicus, 
pertaining to citizens, or a city.

We're Building A Network Of Local Women Leaders With Global Network Connections! Join Us!

Civicas is a resource network, education platform and community of women leaders. 

  • We connect women leaders across sectors and generations to amplify our civic impact.
  • We align missions & invest assets through local actions and global networks. 
  • We network your networks to align resources, programs, projects & power.
  • We amplify assets and impact investments with social and economic capital.
  • We offer access to curated programs, news, events, resources and members both locally and globally.

The Civicas Toolkit: A work in Progress

LA2050 is another Civicas civic scale partner through which members can support and participate in curated, vetted civic scale projects, programs and other opportunities.